Waiting Room

"I don't think it's many little girls' dream to be a receptionist", Pam Beesley (played by Jenna Fischer, in The Office)


If you are employed, be grateful. Not only am I employed, but I work for a really rad church and work with people whom I love and love me back.

Being a receptionist, secretary, admin, what have you – is not my dream, but I can tell you with absolute certainty I am right where God wants me.  It brings me joy to greet people every day. I have a different song I sing for each staff person, and I do weird stuff to my hair sometimes or wear hats because it makes them smile. (I am thrilled I work at a place that allows my purple hair and nose piercing.)  It is my goal to make someone else’s day. Go ahead, think I am corny. I don’t care.

I am blessed that I get to sing in our Sunday church services regularly, but I also lead worship in our youth & children’s services and am gearing up to lead a second time for our women’s retreat this coming May. I periodically sing at a retirement home as my schedule allows.

This March, I will begin auditions for various things, but mainly musical theater. I am excited and terrified.  I feel completely in over my head as I search desperately to find that one perfect song and monologue that will help me make an outstanding impression. Like the other opportunities I’ve been given, I have placed what I have in God’s hands and have asked Him to use me.  Failure is not the worse thing that could happen. Giving up before I even try would be the biggest tragedy of all. Yes, I am aware that I am a nerd.

While I wait, I think I’ll just try to be the best church receptionist/admin…EVER.


4 Comments Add yours

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      LOL! Thanks, Cathy.

  1. Mosey says:

    I love musical theatre. Steve took me to ” Tony and Tina’s Wedding” years ago and it was a ball.
    When you perform..we will be there! I can’t wait!

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      Mosey, that would be amazing to see your face in the audience. Love you, friend.

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