Rude Food


Back in early September 2010, I was able to spend a few days with my cousin Barbi in Southern California. It was gloriously epic. I think I laughed until I wanted to puke. She is a funny chick, and I think we’re pretty funny (and horrible) together.

We went out to the store one night for some snacks. During this outting, we had a startling revelation. A growing epidemic, if you will. It’s a problem we call “food that tastes like OTHER food”. Walking down the chip aisle, there were cheeseburger flavored Doritos. Barbi looked at me and said, “If I wanted a cheeseburger, wouldn’t I just go GET A CHEESEBURGER.” “Not if you can buy chips that taste like it instead?”, I proposed. Nonsense.

It seemed like once we noticed the “food that tastes like other food” thing, we saw it everywhere! So, look around next time you’re cruising the grocery store.

I saw a commercial the other night for some sort of gum that taste like ice cream. Really? Here we go again. More food that tastes like other food. It’s RUDE!

Food should just be itself instead of trying to be something else.


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