Go ‘Head, It’s Yo Burfday!

I love birthdays. Not just my own, but everybody! I love buying presents. I love the parties. I love the cake. I love making people feel special. Regardless of your age, shouldn’t we treat birthdays like a big deal? My husband HATES making a fuss about his birthday. I tell him, “That’s too bad, we are celebrating your life whether you like it or not.”

This weekend, my friend of nearly 17 years, Erin, and I are going to Seattle to celebrate her birthday. Erin resided in Seattle for a decade, so it has a special place in her heart. She has many dear friends there. It is my hope that she feels special this weekend. That being said, this weekend will be full of shenanigans, inside jokes, and my ribs being sore from laughter.

While in the Seattle area, I will also get to see my family which includes my amazing 14 year old niece Mikela who JUST had her birthday last weekend. I am excited I get to hand-deliver her birthday present. I love that girl. She is one of the most tender-hearted young ladies I have ever known. I am so glad she is my niece. Watching her grow up is bittersweet. I remember a time when she would only kiss me or her mama and NO ONE else. I love that she still lets me call her “Peanuthead”.

My other niece, Olivia, just turned 7 years old this week. Her mother has now allowed Barbies, my absolute fav, and so I was OUT OF MY MIND with excitement for buying Barbies for this kid. Knowing her mother’s reluctance about “dolls with boobies”, I got a veterinarian Barbie and a doctor Barbie. I hope she noticed the career theme I was going for. Olivia is a very bright girl and I want her to know that “Aunt G” thinks she can be whatever she wants to be.

So, celebrate your life. Make a big stink about your birthday. That is what I fully intend to do on February 27.


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  1. She was thrilled! Not so much about the actual careers, but that you got her the very SAME Barbie that Sofia has. You’re better than you thought! Hahaha. She is adorable with her Barbies. And so secretive! She refers to her designated Barbie time as, “special Olivia alone time.” She even spells out B-A-R-B-I-E in front of Lolly. I wish you were here to play with her. Her mother basically sucks when it comes to Barbie play.

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      I can’t wait to play Barbies w/her!

      You do NOT suck. You’re an amazing mom. I think you did something cool here by giving her something that’s just hers. It’s not easy being the oldest kid, is it? You & I had it pretty good both being the “baby” in our families. Older sibs pave the way for the younger ones.

  2. Anne Leifheit says:

    Its absolutely fantastic that you call them boobies…….HA!

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      It’s a funny word. lol!

  3. Sta'Cee Godard says:

    If you are not already signed up for the Sephora Birthday Club, you’ll want to make sure that you do before your b-day. You get a FREE eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara!!!!

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      It’s like you see into my soul.

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