Social Anxiety

Snarting: to sneeze & fart at the same time in a public setting. Is there anything worse? I am not so sure. Though I am your classic extrovert, I submit to you that I fear public involuntary flatulence.

I pride myself on being like a Girl Scout, prepared for nearly anything. My handbag is a bottomless pit of things that I or a friend might need. Lipgloss? Check. Bandaid? Check. Bracelet (c’mon – for FASHION emergencies!). Check.

Among some of my social fears is bad breath. Gum and/or breath mints? Check.

Got junk in your teeth? I recommend those toothpicks with the little flosser thingy. Uh-oh…where’d they go? Time for a Target trip.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. You’re totally the Oprah Magazine, putting a pic of yourself on the cover every time.
    (However, I love. Don’t change a thing.)

    Pretty soon you’ll just be going by your first name, too.

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      HAHA! It’s my trademark. It’s all about branding, right?! I need to have a photoshoot. I am running out of pictures.

      1. It’s totes about branding, and you’re right on!
        Just take a photo of yourself every morning, and Hipstamatic it. You’ll be good to go. You always look like a hundred dollars.


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