Just Be You

It’s not easy being my husband. Just ask David Conlee. While I like to think I am pretty laid back and not terribly demanding, it must be exhausting being married to someone who is “always on”. David says I am like Snow White in the morning because I wake up singing. Yes, I am THAT person. I once sang WHILE sleeping. What can I say?! I like singing, ok! Sheesh! I can understand how something like this may land me on a non-morning person’s list of People I Want To Hit Over The Head With A Shovel.

I joked not long ago that “be yourself” is the worst advice ever. Why? Because we should be BETTER than that. I don’t want to be the same old me every day. I long to be better than who I am today. I want to grow and move forward, living a life of passion and no regrets. (I’d really like to not laugh inappropriately someday. I’d also like to not laugh so loud. I laugh a lot. It’s obnoxious.)

I have moments in life where I wish I could be normal. For example, when I am out at a restaurant and someone gives me a funny look then I occurs to me I am wearing a giant hot pink flower in my hair and hot pink rain boots. I realize that at almost 32 years of age (on February 27) such a thing may not but deemed age appropriate. I don’t care. I do what I want to do but I also accept the consequences that not everyone is going to like it. Not everyone is going to “get” it. Here’s the deal: there’s nothing to get! It’s just me being me. (To that old guy in Panera who stared at me during my lunch, thanks for that awkward moment we shared as we made eye contact.) The world is my stage! Haha!

No one does YOU like you. God made you special. No one looks like you, thinks like you, or has the same talents as you. Now, go out there and use it. Work what you got.


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