Me In The Dark

I suppose you could say I am afraid of the dark, though it isn’t darkness that scares me. It’s what may be IN the darkness that concerns me. As kids we fear the monster under the bed or in our closet or mean older siblings who sharpen their big toenail into a point to stab you with it. (Sorry to rat you out, sissy!)  I am not scared so much of literal darkness any more, but I have faced some dark times.

While I have faced my share of challenges, I will not claim to have had a rough life. Truth is, I know so many hurting people who have been through or going through worse. I am blessed that I am surrounded with love. Truly. That being said, stuff happens. Things that are out of our control. You wonder if you’ll survive it. You feel the weight of it pulling you down. Then there you are. The darkness. It surrounds your heart. You feel like you can’t see anything. You think, say, do and feel things you never imagined. You’re breaking.

Ready for the silver lining? These moments are the perfect opportunity to pop the training wheels off your faith. It’s time to see what you’re made of. Your circumstance doesn’t have to define you. That dark place doesn’t have to be a destination, just a hallway you’re passing through.

I was working on a song recently with a couple of amazingly talented people who put up with me when these lyrics popped into my head:

I have peace because I trust You

I trust You because You’re faithful

You’re faithful because You love me

Even if you feel alone, you aren’t. Know that there’s never been a single day of your existence that you have been unloved. Jesus holds our hand in the dark.


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