Oh, Mother!

Mother, my stepdad Jimbo & myself - Thanksgiving in Vegas 2010

It’s not her birthday, and it’s not mother’s day. I just wanted her to feel special today because she makes me feel special every day. Mother, there’s no one else like you.

My mother is crazy. She knows it. I know it. She also loves me more than life itself. It is my goal when we’re together to make her laugh until she pees her pants. I will neither confirm nor deny if that has every actually happened.

My mother was at lunch recently with her dear friends Betty and Joanna (a special birthday shout-out to Betty today!). I am convinced mother is their entertainment. Her antics in restaurants alone are a thing of legend. This lunch was no exception. When the waitress returned to their table from the kitchen and said “It’s really quiet in here!” mother instantly responds, “You want us to do something about that?!” Oh, mother.

Mother taught me what it means to be a friend. She is also a victim of inappropriate laughter. I fear this is a genetic trait. She says things for shock value. Most people are shocked by her, but I can read her like a book. I know her better than she knows herself.

She encouraged me to sing, and we did many duets in church together when I was a teenager. I miss those days. She can harmonize like nobody’s business and I’ve never heard her miss a note. Though under punishment of death, I told her never to sing To Sir With Love ever again. Has nothing to do with her voice. I just DESPISE this song. Sorry, mother.

Mother, I love you.


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