Inappropriate Laughter

Circa '95

When I think back on it, I have come to realize I have a life-long history of inappropriate laughter. Here is special memory of note I’d like to share with you. Circa ’95, when I was around 15 years of age.

A very kind man my family knew passed away. I sat there at the funeral amongst the weeping and sadness when I remembered the way this man laughed. His eyes would widen. He’d let out a hoot. His whole jaw moved a bit like Firemarshall Bill when he laughed. At first, the notion of this made me smile. Then I chastised myself “Quit smiling you idiot! A man is dead!” Then I lowered my head. I covered my mouth with my right hand. Then the left. Oh. Dear. Sweet. Jesus. The shoulders started bobbing. It was all over. I covered my face. I am pretty sure people just thought I was crying. Well, I was. Because I was LAUGHING my fool head off!


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