The Most Interesting Man In The World

Sharks have a week dedicated to him.

I need to gush about my Poppy for a bit. So, bear with my sentimental adoration. This man has given me so much, I am not sure exactly where to start. In addition to being a really wonderful person, he’s hilarious and quite possibly a genius. He is a people-magnet. The life of the party wherever he is.

At age 8, he lost his father. At age 14, he lost his mother. Like most kids who are bright but bored, he was a magnet for trouble. Additionally, losing his parents so young only seemed to amplify this.  He soon ended up with an aunt and uncle who lived in Mexico. So, his formative high school years were spent in Mexico City. Imagine losing everything you’ve ever known and ending up in a foreign country.

As a teenager during one of my I’m-ugly-and-I-hate-myself phases, my mother showed me a picture of Pop from a recent trip we had been on. We were on an airplane, both asleep, my head on his shoulder. She said, “Check out those profiles.”  In that moment I saw that Pop and I had the same profile, sharing that very distinct nose and chin, I never once complained or called myself ugly again. Not because I think I am the most beautiful woman on earth, but because I look like my Daddy. I saw myself in a completely different light. Though it wasn’t just my appearance that earned me the nickname “Junior” (until I was about 19). It was because of our shared warped sense of humor.

How did an orphan learn to be such a wonderful father? It’s a mystery to me. Pop is my hero. I consider myself blessed that God would choose ME to be his daughter. This is perhaps one of God’s greatest gifts to me.

I will devote my life trying not to embarrass him.


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  1. He is the life of the life of the parties he has never attended.

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