Missing: Special Pen

I don't want THESE pens!

You know what’s rad? Coming back to work after 10 days to discover your “special” pen has magically disappeared.

I love this pen so much that last time I took time off, I actually hid it in a drawer. I have issues.

I’m not saying it was “stolen” but some people have a knack for being pen cleptos. You can spot a pen clepto right off the bat. For giggles, next time you’re out with your girlfriends, ask “does someone have a pen I can borrow?”. If someone hands you a pen advertising a medication or perhaps your local grocer or copy shop, they, my friend, are your pen clepto. Your pens are not safe. In most cases, this is innocent and the individual is completely unaware. In extreme cases, this person has an entire drawer filled with them at their home.

My coworkers are SO amazing that coming back was no sweat at all. They covered everything. Which is why I am going to go easy on them…for now…

My search begins.


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