Lust & Found

Kirstin & I at a Beavers game downtown Portland 2009

Meet Kirstin. Kirstin is one of my very best friends.

Kirstin was making her way downtown Portland via public transportation one day for work. As she disembarked, she left behind her makeup bag full of treasures. She text me that morning telling me what happened and that she was unable to contact Lost & Found that day and collect her belongings. This was unacceptable. I kicked into panic mode. I rushed over and brought her an emergency makeup kit that evening to get her through until she could retrieve her bag and told her I would contact Lost & Found for her.

I called and gave the Lost & Found man a description of the bag and its fabulous contents.  “You don’t sound like you need any makeup at all.” , he says in a creeper, breathy tone.  “Trust me, I do.”, I told him. He said, “I’ve got it right here. I’ll have it waiting on my desk for you when you come by this evening. Look forward to seeing you.” I blame my “phone voice” for this man’s interest. I notified Kirstin that she could pick-up her bag after work and that a man might hit on her. When she arrived, he said “I knew you didn’t need makeup.” and smiled. This is why I call this story “LUST & FOUND”.

Glad to be here for all of your emergency makeup needs. Makeup’s important. I miss you, Kirs!


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