Photo Shoot Lessons

Thank you, Nikki. I had so much fun with you. Also, sorry for wearing 4" heels to a park. I will know better next time.

I took a small step last weekend. As I prepare for auditions, I realized I needed headshots. (As if I don’t have ENOUGH pictures of myself, right?!)

I went to a WONDERFUL photographer (Nikki Rose) and we spent the afternoon walking through a park and taking pictures. Nikki made the experience fun. She immediately put me at ease & made me feel comfortable. My fav moments of the day were when one passerby said “Work it!” and when another said, “Those are the fanciest walkin’ shoes I’ve EVER seen.” 

Now, here comes the part where I turn into a dumb girl.

I looked at my pictures and let out a sigh. My disappointment does not come from the photographer or the quality of the photos themselves, but in my appearance. You see, I’ve worked really hard to shed 30 pounds. I was disappointed that I am still…well…on the “fluffy” side. It made me realize that I am always looking for the perfect set of circumstances. Do you ever catch yourself doing or saying these things:

  • When I’m thinner…
  • When I have more money…
  • If I had more time…
  • At the next lunar eclipse (which according to NASA is June 15)…
  • Someday…
  • If I was younger…
  • If I had fewer commitments…

The truth of the matter is that going after anything you want is uncomfortable, inconvenient and most likely will require some sort of sacrifice. This, my friends, is the entire purpose of the journey. It’s time to change. Time to shake things up. If it was EASY, everyone would be doing it!

Here’s how I respond to my excuses:

  • You will never be better looking than you are right now.
  • You always find money for the things you want.
  • Make the time. (Give up a few minutes of sleep!)
  • Stop waiting for the stars to align. Today is the day!
  • Forget about someday. Focus on RIGHT NOW.
  • Being 32 is rad. I might be getting a “late start” but better late than never!
  • Learn to say “no”. Sometimes we have to in order to say “yes” to the right things!

Stop taking yourself so seriously. Laugh more. Live a little.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. “At the next lunar eclipse (which according to NASA is June 15)…”

    Do you understand how much this line made my day, Jenny-girl? The Beast is rubbing off on you!! Ha-ha!

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      HA! I knew 2 people would laugh at that: you and my cousin Jason. Face it, you’re family to me now.

      Did you know mother, Beth & Ellen all call me “Jenny-girl”? LOL Too funny. I just look like a “Jenny-girl” I guess!

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