An Open Letter of Apology to My Friends

Dearest loved ones,

Thanks for loving me even though…

  • I am a drama queen
  • I don’t wear practical shoes
  • I laugh REALLY loud…mostly at my own jokes
  • I laugh inappropriately (like that time you tripped…I feel super bad about that)
  • I snort when I laugh
  • I obsess about dumb things (like finding the RIGHT shade of minty/pastel green nail polish)
  • I make things about me that have nothing to do with me
  • I “own too many jackets”
  • You waved and honked as we drove past each other, but my music is loud and I was giving the performance of a lifetime – I never even saw you
  • I only have twelve snappy comebacks, and use them on rotation
  • I thought gaucho pants were cool
  • I talk about makeup too much (a piece of my heart can be found next to the kaleidoscope of eyeshadow colors at MAC)
  • I love breakfast more than is appropriate
  • I told your kid I was gonna steal her Hello Kitty shoes (I was only 1/2 kidding)
  • My voicemail box is broken and I have avoided getting this fixed
  • I never call
  • I text too much (in all fairness, you SHOULD just bite the bullet and pay for unlimited texting)
  • I am distracted by shiny things (including those fabulous fandangle chandelier earrings you wear…I didn’t hear a word you just said!)
  • I refuse to leave my house without makeup on
  • I refuse to wear sweats in public
  • I can’t whistle
  • I can’t shuffle a deck of cards

Most of all – thanks for believing in me before I believed in myself.

All my love,

Jenny Lind


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tony Alicea says:

    So in other words, you’re sorry for being awesome?

    1. Jenny Lind says:


  2. I love you so. And Tony, too.

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      Thanks, Beasty Beast!

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