Audition Time

My first audition was at a local prestigious theater company. I walked in, smiled, sang 32 bars of a show tune and then never heard from those folks again.

That was 7 years ago.

It was always my intention to go on more auditions. It really was a pleasant learning experience and didn’t devastate me that I didn’t hear back from them. If anything it surprised me not to hear back. Not because I think I’m God’s gift to the Universe but because they were very kind and complimentary. I just wasn’t a right fit for that production. Bummer.

When I left that audition, my thought was that if I did this more, I would get better. Gain a bit more confidence. Eventually, someone will like me enough to give me a shot – and I will NOT disappoint them. I just simply did not follow through. I, like everyone else, got busy with life. We moved, we had job things change, etc. You know. The usual. Just life.

This past weekend marks another small step in my adventure. I auditioned for an indie film to be shot this summer. I arrived early to get a gander at “the sides” (the script) so I could feel as confident as possible for this “cold read”. In all honesty, I am just happy they saw a picture of me and wanted to meet me. Everyone was remarkably kind. It was a great learning experience and a lot of fun.

It is my hope that in sharing my journey with you that it will inspire you to get REALLY uncomfortable and burst out of that box you’re living in. Stop adding items to your bucket list until you check a few off (this is a hard challenge I’ve inflicted upon myself). Your someday is TODAY.


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