In My Purse: The Purse Hook

Behold! The purse hook in action!

A woman’s purse is a sacred thing. I mistakenly dove into mother’s purse once in search of candy as a child. I never touched the darn thing again. You don’t mess with a woman’s purse! I think you can tell a lot about a woman by her purse and what she lugs around it.

Now that I have gotten pleasantries out of the way, I’d like to take you on a  journey into the great abyss also known as my handbag. Don’t be frightened.

The purse hook. I made this discovery some time ago after I was given a beautiful purse and did not want it to get dirty. It keeps your handbag off the floor where it can get dirty, and off the back of your chair where it will either fall off anyway or where someone can make off with it easily. (If you use a purse that has a long strap, this is probably not a good product for you.)

These can be found at your local retailers.

A surprising added value to this purse hook is how it annoys my spouse each time I use it, for some reason. My girlfriends and servers alike seem to find it really smart.

You can find these things anywhere now. Every department store carries them near their accessory sections. They range in price from $5-$15. There’s other styles as well. Some actually coil and are much smaller than mine and come in a variety of colors.

Every woman who read this thought this was a swell idea. Husbands everywhere just rolled their eyes. Sorry, fellas!


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  1. David Conlee says:

    I’m not annoyed by your purse hook. I appreciate it. Especially because it protects your purse, meaning that you won’t have to buy another one as soon (you’re saving me money!). If anything, I find it humorous, especially because of the time it takes for you to hunt down your purse hook in the cavernous abyss that is your handbag. But overall, I like it.

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