An Open Letter to Pharmacists

Dear Pharmacists,

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not EXACTLY sure what it is you do. You give people drugs. That’s all I know, really.

There is a moment when I am picking up a medication where I nearly become a liar. It is when the pharmacy technician asks the ill-fated question “Have you taken this medication before?” that I bite my lip, take a breath and exhale the word “yessss”.

The exuberance in which the Pharmacist yesterday discussed my prescribed Flonase was right out of a sitcom. No, I have never used Flonase before, but it is nasal spray. You squirt the stuff up your nose. This isn’t rocket surgery. I did not need to know the origin of said nasal spray. I did not need to be told everything that was clearly labeled on the bottle in question  including instructions for use. Though, the demonstration of use is where the real action was, dare I say – riveting. Bravo!

Thank you for making what should have been a short visit feel like a seminar about Flonase. You missed one major factoid, however. It smells like roses. My friend gave me a head’s up about that and I may or may not have accused her of being on crack.

In the future, I’d like more drugs and less chit-chat. It’s not personal. You seem like a very nice person. On the other hand, you clearly love what you do and I like that about you. Who am I to criticize?! I am a receptionist for Pete’s sake. I am a jerk.

Forget what I just said. Let’s be BEST friends. Let me buy you a latte at that awkwardly placed cafe area over there. Maybe you can explain to me what it is a Pharmacist does. I assume you went to college and stuff for that. I bet you, my friend, were the life of the party. I want deets. Tell me everything. Warning: I snort when I laugh. Will the nasal spray help with that? Oh, of course not. Silly me. Had to ask the expert though, right?! *wink*


Jenny Lind


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Nikki says:

    You’re hilarious. But…rocket surgery? Is that like, rocket science and brain surgery combined? Is there such an occupation, I wonder? Do rockets have brains? 😉

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      It’s all about the word play, Nik. 😉

      1. Nikki says:

        😉 Playing right back!

        How’s you’re nose? All clear? No malfunctioning of the rocket surgery utensil? 😉

      2. Jenny Lind says:

        We are cleared for take off.

  2. David Conlee says:

    It’s a very elegant play on words, actually. Bonebag! You’re a funny lady. I like you.

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      HAHAHA! Well played, sir. And inappropriate.

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