Festival of Friendship


My friends were in cahoots with my husband for over a month to come from Utah to Oregon and visit us (and their family). When they arrived Thursday, I nearly fainted. I was shaking. I was rendered speechless for the second time in my life (the first time being when my husband proposed to me).

We had what we call our “Festival of Friendship” aka FOF. We went to the beach. We went to a Timbers game. We ate too much. These are all key components to a Festival of Friendship. We did NOT do our traditional parade. Not enough confetti.

It is also not by accident that our friends were here on a weekend where I needed to make an important decision (which I WILL blog about when I can). I am thankful for friends who are honest and keep me grounded and don’t tell me what I want to hear – and love me even though I am just a LITTLE crazy.

So, a very special thank you to John & Kirstin for packing up two small kids and making a trip. You have blessed my life more than I could ever express and I adore you – and hope to be a blessing to you.


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