Inappropriate Laughter Strikes Again!

Cathy calls me "glamour beast".

Welcome to another tale of my self-loathing.

My friend Cathy is an incredible musician and worship leader in her own right, but graciously agreed to accompany me last weekend as I led worship for our church’s women’s retreat.

Cathy limped into this retreat, literally, with a broken little toe. Her other two detriments over the weekend were oversized luggage and a friend who laughs at her pain.

Cathy packed a huge suitcase, another small bag and a couple of other (large) personal items. Among said personal items were a number of books. Cathy is an avid reader and does not get much alone time, being the mother of 2 small boys. She wanted to soak in every moment of solitude. Seriously, it looked like the woman was going on a vacay to Disney World for a week. Before you think me judgemental,  note that the trip was just barely over 24 hours.

Now here’s the part where I laugh inappropriately.

As we were departing, I took hold of Cathy’s small bag & other personal effects. This left the grand-daddy of all rolling suitcases for her to pull down a long, narrow corridor. She dropped the case (filled with heavy books) on the toe in question before exiting the room. I laughed. HARD. Not because I enjoyed seeing my friend hurt herself but because she really made a funny face. I know. It’s inexcusable. I hate myself.

She turns the corner and BAM! Drops it again on alleged broken toe.

By this point, I am nearly on the floor. I cannot help myself. The laughter had consumed me.

Inappropriate laughter is my Achille’s heel.


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  1. Alise says:

    Awesome! I laugh inappropriately at my bff all the time. He’s a luthier and is on the sixth build of a bass for one client. He calls it The Bane and it is totally cursed. Stuff that shouldn’t go wrong goes wrong all. the. time. And when he shares the mishaps with me, I just laugh and laugh.

    Of course, something bad almost always happens to me right away because that’s just how Karma works, but yeah, it’s totally worth it.

  2. Alise…I must confess…I have no idea what a luthier is and I feel I should, because it appears as though it has something to do with music. Oh dear. Off to investigate.

    Jenny, you ARE Glamour Beast. Perhaps you should mention that the photo accompanying this post was taken TODAY, and that this is what you look like on a REGULAR basis when you go to your OFFICE job.

    I rest my case.

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      Alisa, thanks for reading!

      Luthier – maker of stringed instruments. FASCINATING! I must confess I looked that up immediately.

      Cathy, you KILL me. I think for my next photo, I need a fan blowing my hair. LOL

  3. robin lagrow says:

    okay, that is so funny!! i have to tell you that cathy can share many stories where we laughed with (and at) each other until tears were streaming. there is nothing like it!!

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      Hey Robin! Thanks for reading! I hear wonderful things about you, and if memory serves I think you sang at the church here a while back. Have a great day!

  4. chris says:

    Perhaps you can make it up to her by recommending (or providing) a kindle so that she doesn’t HAVE to lug around heavy books.

    I totally relate to your inappropriate laughter — too many times to relate. It’s the price people pay for the privilege of knowing you.

    I love you bunches, Giggle Girl.

    1. Cathy Plowman says:

      Oh Jenny…I probably would have laughed also. Not at your friend getting hurt but how it happened!

      Love you my friend!

      1. Jenny Lind says:

        Love you, dear!!!!

    2. Jenny Lind says:

      I am not sure how she would feel about an e-reader option. She likes this used bookstore and finds stuff there. I also get a sense that she’s the type of person who like the turning of a page.

      Oh yes, I am well acquainted with our shared inappropriate laughter. 😉

      Love you bunches. Can’t wait to see you in just a few weeks!

      1. I do so love the turning of a page…so, so much…

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