The Great Purge of 2011

What is The Great Purge of 2011, you ask? Excellent question! It is essentially just me being a drama queen about throwing away my junk. 

My last two weekends have been filled with sorting and throwing things out. I even ordered a small dumpster from the disposal company and filled it within three hours.  This was cheaper and more convenient than multiple trips to the dump, not to mention less stinky.

Perhaps it is the winds of change that inspired this spring cleaning extravaganza, but it feels REMARKABLE to get rid of junk. I will add this note to anyone considering attempting this: it gets worse before it gets better. (I found myself backed into a corner inside our walk-in closet. There were piles of stuff everywhere. How did this happen?! I literally had to work my way out of it.)

Several friends commented on my facebook that I should come over and do this at their homes. NO STINKING WAY, HOSERS! Throw your own crap away. You don’t need my help for that. Here’s a helpful hint: if you haven’t worn it or used it in 6 months-1 year, you don’t need it. If it’s broken, fix it or throw it out. Simple enough. Do it. It’s LIBERATING!

I laughed when I went through 2 bins filled with “craft supplies” from my crafting phase roughly 6 years ago. I was like Martha Stewart on Ritalin. I teared up when I came across photo albums and it reminded me how life is constantly changing and how I have been given so much.

I sold the treadmill aka dreadmill. That gave me a strange sense of satisfaction. No more walks on the road to nowhere.

Ever watch Hoarders? Ever think those folks should just demo and start over or perhaps burn the place down? This will never happen to me.

Our lives are filled with stuff. I want less stuff. Don’t take this wrong; I am not getting preachy about having stuff. I enjoy nice things! I just refuse to let my things own me. I have learned this the hard way.

What I need is Jesus, so I have everything I need.


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