Vacation Clothes

How I wish I dressed on vacay…

I HATE vacation clothes.

What are vacation clothes, you ask? They are clothing items you would not get caught dead in any other time but (for some reason) are suitable for travel.
I despise wearing sweats and t-shirts. I am of the opinion that most loungewear is not supposed to be worn in public but even so, I wore lounge pants 3 of the 5 days I was out of town last week. I also wore athletic shoes and flip flops. I seldom wear these things. I guess what I am saying is that I am most uncomfortable in my comfortable clothes.
As I view vacation pictures, I look back at these good times fondly, even though they’re slightly tainted by the hideous clothes I am wearing. How I wish those memories frozen in time were of me wearing couture instead of Converse. This is why PhotoShop exists.
Gift Shops sell the WORST clothes. They are a hot-bed for bad wardrobe choices. You are on vacation. You are relaxed. Your guard is down. Your heart is leading you astray. You will NEVER wear that neon yellow sweatsuit ever again. Don’t buy it!  Stare at it and think “Would I wear this when I return to my normal life?” If the answer is yes, then purchase it. However, you might already be emotionally compromised and should possibly phone a friend (aka me). Text me a pic. I’ll be honest with you.
There is a shirt I saw that I quite liked. If I still like it in 2 weeks, I will order it online. This way I am not impulse buying.

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