Cell Phone Suicide

On vacay in Disneyland. Kid behind me looks like he’s gonna hurl.

It is entirely possible the purpose of my life is merely to serve as a warning to others. Cautionary tales, my friends.

I learned a valuable lesson on vacay. Before you ride Splash Mountain at Disneyland (or ANY ride involving WATER of any kind at your amusement establishment of choice) put your dang cell phone in a ziploc bag! In any case, I should not have been so careless while venturing through the notorious “brier patch”. They even sing “stay away from the laughing place” on that ride! “…Beware – the fox is there!”

I have NEVER gotten so soaked on a ride. Seriously.
It killed my phone. Better yet, my stupidity killed my phone, but you get my drift.
I was phoneless for 72 hours. I always have it. I am always on it. So, being without it made me feel a bit disconnected. I refused to admit such a thing though. I touted, “I love being off the grid!” and “I’m goin’ rogue right now!”. All lies. I hated it. I watched as my husband checked his twitter and facebook while we waited in line for rides. I looked on as my Pop sent text messages when we were chillin’ at the hotel. It sucked. 
While I do hate myself,  I happen to love my brand-spankin’-new white iPhone 4. (Though I had a moment when they asked me at the Apple store if I preferred it in black or white, and I felt racist saying I preferred the white one.) It is truly a thing of beauty. I don’t love the $200 I had to spend to buy it, but when you do dumb things, it costs you.
When I was once again connected to the outside world, my friend Kirstin texted me to ask how I was and how I survived. (To be honest, for nearly 5 years I don’t think this woman and I have been out of touch for more than a day.) I told her, “It was like 127 Hours, only worse.”, because I am a drama queen like that. She responded, “Right, if 127 Hours took place at Disneyland and you got out with both of your arms!”
I may be addicted to my phone. I don’t know. I am looking into it….using the inter-web browser on my phone.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. chris says:

    well, of course you’re going to get out with both your arms — because it’s so darn hard to hold your phone and text one-handed.

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      I could…if I absolutely HAD to. No ideal though.

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