• I hope I can mention “Friday” without  immediately bursting into song & dance.
  • I’d like to go a solid 48 hours without quoting the notorious Intruder Song. (Even when taking segments of the song out of context, still funny.)
  • I’d like to not laugh in a public restroom at other people’s personal business.
  • I hope my vocabulary will extend beyond saying “rad” when I think something is really cool (or really lame…it’s sort of interchangeable for me) or say “barf” when I think something is gross.
  • Maybe I’ll quit making up words like “craptastic” or “craptastrophe”.
  • Maybe I’ll stop saying the word “crap” altogether. Nah, prob not!

On second thought…why would I want to stop doing any of these things?! I am a funny lady.


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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for making me start my day with Rebecca Black(‘s autotune) running through my mind…

    And if people have to grow up to the point where bathroom noises don’t make them laugh…well then, I don’t think that’s a world I want to know!

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      Me either, Mike! Poop is FUNNY!

  2. You should go to a public restroom with my boys. If anyone is in there doing some serious business, they keep up a very loud running commentary.

    Them: Mommy! It’s stinky in here!
    Me (whispering): Shhh…honey…it’s okay.
    Me: Shhhh…I know…it’s fine.
    Me: Shhhh…because it’s a potty.
    Them: WOW. It’s still stinky.
    Me (hissing now): Shhh…
    Them: It smells like bad.
    Me (giggling): I know….shhh…

    And on and on.

    Incidentally, they also do this when I am doing some serious business and they’re in the stall with me. Which always makes people waiting OUTSIDE the stall start giggling.

    1. Totally! I always hear “Dad, did you fart?!?” or “Wow, somebody has stinky poop!” You always feel like you’re trying to hurry or hurrying them in their business to minimize the embarrassment.

    2. Jenny Lind says:

      My sister-in-law, Amanda, is hilarious. Over the years, should we end up in a public bathroom together, she makes the loudest grunting sound EVER. Sure enough, she did it to me this weekend. I tried doing it back to her, but I just started busting up and could not pull myself together. This poor girl in the bathroom was trying not to laugh. It was fantastic.

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