Hater + Martyr = Mater

You know what? Cranky people make me stabby.

I’ve decided there’s a new breed of hater. I call them “maters”. It’s because not only are they hatin’ on you, but they’re a total martyr about it.

There’s absolutely no explanation good enough for these people. SO DON’T GIVE THEM ONE! It is a waste of your precious time.

I came to a startling realization recently. Offended people have CHOSEN to be so. Sadly, I came to this conclusion amidst a rant to my spouse about something I was CHOOSING to be offended about. I would share, but it is so small, petty and actually has so little to do with me it is utterly ridiculous. It was so dumb, and I even apologized for having verbalized it because I was embarrassed.

 In conclusion, don’t be a hater, don’t be a martyr and especially do not be a mater.


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