Where Evil Lurks

You know that space between the kitchen cabinetry and your stove? Why is it just big enough to lose a noodle or the like? Of course, if you were attempting to spill something into that crevice on purpose, you wouldn’t be able to. Murphy’s Law, my friends.

I have absolutely no intention of shimmying that oven out of its home to sweep and clean there. There is no telling what evil lurks in that space at this point. I will continue pretending nothing is there. This is how I sleep at night. (I know, worst wife evs, right? What’s more is how I hardly cook at all and when I do, this is what happens! I should just stay out of the kitchen.)

That space is basically the Bermuda Triangle of kitchens.

It may as well be the Black Hole in outer space! I have no intention of visiting there, either.


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