Follow Instructions

Ever buy furniture from Ikea? Pay a college kid to put that crap together for you. The instructions are terrible. That stuff makes me want to cry. Or see a therapist.

Doing laundry this weekend, I was checking the care instructions on a dress. It said “machine wash cold with like colors and line dry”. First of all – racist. Secondly, what is this? The old west? I do not have a LINE to dry on.

Sadly, I think about my life and how God gave us instructions on how to live (the Bible) and when we (yes, me too) do things NOT His way, the right way, we really make a mess. Like extra screws and leftover Ikea furntiure parts (HINT: there’s not supposed to be “extra” anything). Or red dress in the white pink load of laundry kind of mess.

There is a right way of doing things. That is what I want to do more than anything. Here I am, once again, on my knees. So thankful for grace.


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  1. I will put together your Ikea furniture or any other furniture for that matter, for FREE! It’s one of my favorite things. Whenever there is something to be put together in my house I always do it, even my dad calls me to come put things together for him, because I love to do it!!
    Oh and good point about the Bible, read it, it’s important!

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      You moved and therefore forefeit your ability to assist me in such matters! WOMAN!

      LOL at “good point about the Bible, read it, it’s important!”

      You make me laugh. How I miss you. Looking forward to your next feature here on my blog.

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