Choose Your Heritage: Part 1

Meet Bert.

Bert Hamilton is my great-grandfather on my father’s side (his mother’s father). My father tells me he never knew the man’s name until 6 years ago when a relative got into genealogy and shared her findings.

When Bert abandoned his wife & children, it was decided they would never speak his name.

My mother in law, also into genealogy, sent me these pictures of Bert (thanks, Chris!). One of which is his Wanted poster.

 It is difficult to read, so let me try and translate for you:

 “WANTED For Wife Abandonment

Age 34, Height 5 ft 7 in weight (I think it says 135) Dark brown hair, light blue eyes, fair complexion, medium build.

Marks and Scars: two dim vaccine scars upper left arm; vertical cut scar first joint left thumb; cut scar second phalange right middle finger, cut scar second phalange right ring finger.

He left Tulare about Dec. 28, 1917; supposed to be accompanied by a woman with dark hair, dark complexion, looks to be part Spanish, about 5 ft. 3 or 4 in. high, weight about 130 lbs., about 23 years old.

Arrest this man, and wire me at my expense. (can’t read this part) Felony Warrant.”

I am strangely fascinated by all of this. Even the man’s marks and scars tell a story.

Today’s blog antidote was once someone’s tragedy and shame. Each of us are capable of causing this kind of pain.  Makes me wonder what will be said about me 100 years from now. I want to leave something good behind, certainly not stories of running off with a hot Spaniard. Though colorful as that may sound, I want a better legacy than that.

Because I accept God as my father, I have been given a new heritage. I am not a slave to the past nor am I victim to generational sin.

My story is still being written.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. How cool! In a generally inappropriate way. I really love what you said about being given a new heritage. Although I wouldn’t mind laughing at a twitpic of you in a wanted poster. Kidding!! (sort of)

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      Thanks for reading, bruh!

      Are you DARING me?! C’mon. That’s supes easy, yo. I’ve been subject to many o’family photograph at those “old time” photo places.

      What’s more, is while working on this post, I was singing Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi.

  2. Cathy Plowman says:

    Jenny love your comments here. It is so true that our story is still being written! Thanks for sharing these blogs I really enjoy reading them even though I don’t always comment on all of them they are really good!

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      Thanks for reading, Cathy! It means a lot to me!

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