I Hate Grocery Shopping

I hate the grocery store and grocery shopping for a plethora of reasons. Where do I begin…

  • It is remarkably difficult to plan meals & shop for just 2 people. Well, at least that’s my problem.
  • Historically, we haven’t saved much money when we DO eat at home.
  • Our schedule changes often, so we end up deviating from the plan thus resulting in food spoilage as we were not around to consume it.
  • People lose all sense when they go grocery shopping. Seriously. Pay attention!
  • I don’t like seeing store employees outside smoking. (Listen, it’s none of my beeswax how you choose to spend your money or destroy your body. I just find it unprofessional.)
  • I see employees and people on benches in and outside the stores, sometimes slumped over. This sends me into a panic mode. I sometimes have a mirror out, ready to place under their nose to check if they’re breathing.
  • Narrow aisles are the worst. I am sick to death of straddling people to get to the items I need. Smelling somebody’s perfume (or worse) means we are TOO CLOSE! C’mon, stores! Give us some room!
  • Slow checkers + no baggers = KILL ME NOW!
  • Chatty checkers. No, I’ve never used this ointment before – I’ll let you know how things “clear up”.
  • My husband thinks he is SO hilarious and sings to whatev song is playing in the store. We call this “Grocery Store Karaoke”. He has tortured me for 15 years with this. Though, I learned recently when I sing along, it steals all his power. But most of the time, I can’t stop cracking up. He wonders why I hate going to the store with him!
  • The one time I run out to the store in sweats and a ponytail, I will run into 100 people I know. Same goes for when purchasing lady products.

I’ve never done online grocery shopping, but I love the idea of NEVER having to set foot in the store again. The grocer is the place where joy goes to die.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. toni suttie says:

    My gosh, you need your own TV SHOW, laughing so hard because this is all SO VERY TRUE!

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      Hahahaha! Well, I guess I know the right people! 🙂

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