Hypocrisy & Fortune Cookies

I once had a fortune cookie that read “exercise more”. First of all, RUDE. Secondly, that’s quite hypocritical coming from a freakin’ cookie.

I am a hypocrite. So are you. We all have issues. ALL OF US. To say you’re not hypocritical is an indictment of your character. Not only are you a hypocrite, but you’re also a know-it-all. I’m not sure what’s worse! My favorite is when a fellow hypocrite points out my hypocrisy. It’s as ridiculous as that fortune cookie telling me to exercise more.

 I am a hypocrite, but I like to think that I am in recovery. Just a girl. Doing the best I can. Sometimes my best is not enough. Thank you, Lord, for grace!

Pardon me. I’m gonna go do some squats or something now. A fortune cookie once told me I needed more exercise. Then I ate it.


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