What Can I Do For You?

In a commencement speech to the Horizon Christian High School class of 2010, I heard one of the most simple and profound statements I’ve ever heard in my life.

If you ask the question “What can I do for you?”, you will always have work, you will  always have friends, and your life will always have meaning. – Dick Foth

Finding Work

Some people cannot get work simply because of this economy, but they fill their time serving somewhere until something becomes available. I admire these people. Some people think things are beneath them and they wait and wait for their ship to come in. It never does. These are the folks who are missing out. Asking the question “What can I do for you?” will at minimum keep you busy, and give you the feeling of contributing. Maybe your current place of employment isn’t fulfilling, but you are STILL blessed with a job! Don’t lose sight of that! Asking that same question where you are currently could potentially take things to the next level for you. Bloom where you’re planted.


When someone tells me they have no friends and they are no longer in adolescence, I have a difficult time with that statement. Why? Because at some point, you have to offer people something. If all you’re offering is negativity, you will find yourself alone. If all you’re being is needy, you are draining the life from people. Asking the question “What can I do for you?” and being there for someone, you are proving yourself to BE a friend. That is the only way you GET friends. If you truly have ZERO friends, take a look at what you’re offering people. You’re offering people nothin’, so that’s what you got. Being a friend gains you credibility, and begins the process of building relationships. Please note: this takes time! Rome wasn’t built in a day! Don’t suffocate people. Simply BE the friend YOU would like to have, and you will never be lonely.

A Life of Meaning

What kind of life would this be if I was only living it for myself? Loving God and asking what I can do for Him has given me PURPOSE for my life.


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