Capt. Joanna Finch: PDX Pirate

June 2011, waiting for Scooby.

It has been said on more than one occasion that I am a little crazy. Let me clarify. I mean, crazy “ha-ha” not crazy “uh-oh”. There is a distinct difference.

Last month, my sister-in-law, hubs and I dressed as pirates to pickup our friend from PDX. (Amanda, my sis-in-law, completely instigated this, by the way. I love that about her. I give her full credit.) Our friend was flying in from Chicago, and I had not seen her in nearly a decade. We stood proudly by with sign in hand of my friend’s name, and greeted other onlookers to Portland. The only people who stared were out-of-towners. Portland is weird, so a group of pirates at the airport? No biggie to the locals. When someone’s look lingered a little too long, my hubs (David) said, “Welcome to Portland.”

A few weeks ago, a friend called and asked if I would pick her sister up from the airport. “YES!”, I thought as the image of me in costume made my heart leap with joy. When I mentioned the notion of this, my friend expressed mild concern of the humiliation of her beloved sister and bff, whom I’d only met 2 or 3 times. That didn’t slow me down. “Who doesn’t love a pirate wench?!”, I thought.

As the day grew closer, I thought maybe some accessories like a hook or an eyepatch would be rad. But, I don’t like plain things. I like shiny things. So, I bedazzled said hook and eyepatch. I was set. Can I just say though, that I am MAJOR disappointed that such a thing as blinged-out pirate-wear is not available? Have I just stumbled on a niche market? Perhaps.

The call came this Saturday morning that I was not needed to escort this young woman from the airport. This did not hurt my feelings as it saved me a drive out to the airport and gave me time to run (approximately) a million errands, but I look forward to future opportunities for embarrassing friends publicly. All in love, of course! Since I shared this story on Facebook Saturday, I have already had 3 people ask me to pick them up from the airport. Maybe I am not as clever as I thought.

I have since created a pirate alter-ego: Capt. Joanna Finch. Treacherous. Demands to be loved AND feared. Call her for a ride at your own risk, mateys! ARRRGH!

Why post so many pictures, you might ask? Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of yourself when you have a hook for a hand? Recognize the skilz.

Now, I challenge you to turn any mundane activity, such as a trip the airport, into something fun. Then, share your stories with me.

Life is short. Let’s make it fun. Together.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. If someone ever welcomed me in pirate outfits, I think I would dance for joy. That is awesomesauce.

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      Broseph, all you gotta do is tell me when you and Katie are comin’ to town. 🙂 hahahaha!!!

  2. kathy C says:

    just a thought. As I imagine the said, “Capt. Joanna Finch”, I believe when faced with a severed appendage, she would, indeed, have several prosthetic accessory options, Not the lease of which would include a fully functional iphone. Then the hook could be saved for “theme night” (yes, I said it, THEME NIGHT)

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      But Capt. Joanna is VERY techie. She is a modern woman AND a pirate.


  3. toni suttie says:

    Come to the studio in full regalia today, wont you? LOL love it….

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      Hahaha!!! Not the 1st impression I wanted to make. And I’m not sure the hook would’ve made it through security. 😉

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