All By Myself

13 days. This is the longest I’ve ever been alone. Felt like I should document it.

Day 1, Sunday, July 17

Went with David and the team to lunch after church and saw them off as they left for the LA Dream Center. Received lots of texts from students on the bus as they drove. I was busy setting up for youth group that night and helping cover in David’s absence. Our crew is amazing.

Day 2, Monday, July 18

Since my lunch buddy (David) is gone, I thought I’d grab lunch someplace he doesn’t care for and run a couple errands. This resulted in a tasty sammich, consumed by myself. In my car. In the post office parking lot. I not only felt like a fatty, but I felt like a loser. Then I laughed as a jogger went past and thought “if ever two people were doing the opposite thing, it’s me and you, stranger”.

Ran a bunch of errands tonight in prep for being a “background artist”. I am supposed to be an extra for a TV show this week, and I don’t have the wardrobe needed. Who DOESN’T own a white button up shirt and plain black pants and plain black shoes? Yours truly. I hate myself.

Day 3, Tuesday, July 19

Grabbed a tasty salad, then went to a nearby park to eat. Overheard 2 middle school aged boys get irritated with each other, “Gosh dang it! You bug the crap outta me!” I could not help but laugh. Then, I realized, I am sort of overdressed to be sitting in the park. 5″ heels, my fav shoes. I better get out of here before someone gets the wrong idea!

Found out I am not needed as an extra tomorrow.

Got to talk to David for a few minutes and hear what they were doing at the Dream Center. So proud of them! I hope he’s missing me SUPER bad.

Day 4, Wednesday, July 20

Well, I was supposed to be an “extra” today, but wasn’t needed after all. I am amazed at how complicated it is to JUST be an extra and the hoops to jump through to only get to do THAT. Oh well! There’ll be other opportunities!

Had lunch at the Tualatin Commons. Sat by the lake. Just sat in silence and watched the wind make ripples on the water. So peaceful. Amazed at how the tiniest breeze or pebble can make waves. Perfect metaphor for life. Then, watched as people lost their minds that it was over 70 degrees. Seriously, like they’ve never seen the sun before. Welcome to Portland.

Day 5, Thursday, July 21

This week is flying by. Lady date with some friends at a Thai restaurant. Since David is not an adventurous eater, I took full advantage of my fav cuisine.

Day 6, Friday, July 22

Dinner & movie with my Pop. Saw Captain America. Loved it. Also, love Cinteopia. Cool place!

Day 7, Saturday, July 23

Lady date – Breakfast with Cathy at our special restaurant. Packing for my trip to Reno.

Day 8, Sunday, July 24

Hated going to church without my spouse today. I don’t know. Just not the same going alone, but I DO love my church family. I just felt something major missing in my life. It made my heart ache.

Water Wars at HSM was a great success. Best weather we’ve EVER had for that event. Some friends had me over for dinner afterward. As I sat there, I realized how much I hated eating alone. Was so grateful to be with this sweet family. Looking forward to being reunited with mine.

Day 9, Monday, July 25

This is it! Here I go! I headed off to Reno for my first mentee trip. My Cathy drove me to the airport. Saw some friends at the gate across from mine heading to Cali before we all flew out. Got into Reno, saw my bff from High School, Carina. Great distraction from the anxiety I was feeling about traveling alone for the first time in my life. Had to put on my big girl panties and deal with it. Not as fun staying at a hotel alone without my spouse.

Day 10, Tuesday, July 26

My mother and step-father were in Lake Tahoe celebrating their anniversary, so they drove to Reno to have lunch with me. Sweet, huh? Then I headed off to meet with Toni Suttie; face-to-face for the first time. Honestly, it was like visiting an old friend. What a treasure this woman is! Then there was a production meeting for a film I would be able to be on set for! So exciting. Then, we went to tape a radio show. What on earth have I gotten myself into?

Saw Carina later that night because she is a good friend and wanted to see me – and check on me, I’m sure. I am LOVED! So thankful for good friends.

Day 11, Wednesday, July 27

Got up at 4am. Was in the lobby waiting to be picked up at 4:45am by some very kind and gracious fellow mentees to give me a ride to the set of National Geographic’s docu-drama about John the Baptist. We headed out to the set and arrived at 6am. I was helping with “craft services” (an industry term for catering, basically).

I spent the day putting out food, checking on people to see if they needed anything, and when I could I would go watch them film. Have to say, it was such a cool experience just being there. Everyone was so kind. It was a lot of fun. I think it also helped me appreciate all the hard work involved that it actually takes to create something. Everyone worked really hard. We wrapped after a 15 hour day bitten by bugs, sweaty and filthy from the desert. Totally worth it. Loved every minute of being there. Learned a lot. Thankful for the experience!

Day 12, Thursday, July 28

Meeting with Toni and the other peeps. Toured a TV station. Got my headshots taken. Did another radio show. Headed back to the studio for a workshop with a fantastic artist, Gerry Simpson. It is one thing for someone to be successful, but it is another thing entirely to want to share that information with others. I honestly felt like I could not write fast enough. What a fantastic conclusion to my trip! Such great insights!

Said goodbye to Carina. Love that after 15 years, we can still make each other laugh until we want to puke.

Day 13, Friday, July 29

So excited about the new relationships and connections I have made. Can’t wait to be reunited with my hubs. I did, indeed, run to him in the airport. I am not a small girl, but he didn’t seem to mind the leap I made into his arms.


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    1. Jenny Lind says:

      You are the BEST. I mean that.

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