Uninvited? Get Over Yourself.

There’s two different types of awkward uninvited people: people who invite themselves to come along or people who pout about being uninvited. I encourage you to be NEITHER.

Inviting oneself makes people feel uncomfortable. Why would you WANT to be somewhere you were not invited anyway?

I’d like to enforce a strict no pouting policy. Pouting only reinforces whatever led to you not being invited in the first place. Time to grow up. If you are old enough to read this, you are old enough to know better.

So what does one do?

1. Realize it is OK to not be invited to everything. It is OK for your friends to be friends with other people besides yourself. It is really important you get over this quickly. I encourage you to have more than one friend at a time. Expand your circle! Someone out there needs your friendship. Time to reach out.

2. Be somebody people want to be around. Smile. Laugh. Take a chillaxative for Pete’s sake and quit taking yourself so doggone serious.

3. Plan a get-together. If you REALLY want to be included in the goings-on, become the organizer. Stop waiting for the invitation and plan a fun night for your friends instead. (Note: when you DO have friends over, it’s best to not make a big deal about how they do things without you, how you don’t get out much, etc. That is not cool either. Making people feel guilty/obligated will never keep them around.)

In a nutshell, quit being awkward.

If I have saved but one person from committing social suicide, I will consider this a success.


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