Mixing Friends

“Girls Night Out!”, your heart exclaims when you realize you have the first open Saturday night in months. You’ve been promising and putting off lady dates with your besties, waiting for a free moment for some girl time. You want to maximize this all too brief window of time.

Oooh. A dinner out? Thai food, you say? Yes! You feverishly whip up an evite to three lucky friends. As you click “send” you have no idea you have just detonated the bomb of your impending doom. Tick, tick.

Angie and Sally are good friends. Ellen is an outsider, but EVERYONE likes Ellen! I mean, who WOULDN’T like ELLEN?

Tick, tick.

Sally has an infant and is 30 minutes late, and considers it a success that she even had a moment to brush her hair. Angie, being sympathetic shares in this victory. High fives go around. Ellen gives a vacant stare and asks the server for chop sticks.

Tick, tick.

Angie brings up politics.


Why did you plan this GNO anyway? Why didn’t you just stay home and watch Sweet Home Alabama on TBS for the 50th time, put on your fat pants and spend some quality time with Ben & Jerry? Those guys know how to party.

In conclusion, my friends, learn from my mistakes:

  • Your friends don’t have to like each other. In fact, most of them won’t.
  • If all they have in common is YOU, do not force them into social situations with each other.
  • Don’t force your spouse to be friends with your friends, or friends with the other spouses.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. hi-d says:

    This is so true. My bff and I experienced this in college…we had a wide variety of friends and if we had a get together, trying to include a bunch of different friends…WELL, it was a bit awkward! haha…

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      I went through a phase where I really wanted ALL my friends to be friends. It was misguided. Good in theory. Now, it’s totally ok with me that I have different groups of friends.

  2. Truth! We experienced the biggest fluke of all time when our husbands became friends too, that NEVER happens!

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      I KNOW! How’d we pull that one off?!?!

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