Crocs by Barbi

Today's post by my cousin, Barbi.

Today’s post is written by my cousin, Barbi. When you read this, you will understand why we make each other laugh. Sarcasm runs deep in my family. Enjoy!

I haven’t any words that quite express my disgust for the abominations known as “Crocs”.

When I see children in them, I want to slap their mothers. When I see men in them, my soul screams, “WHY?!?!”  When I see women in them, I think to myself, “Why don’t you just throw on a pair of pajamajeans and a dirty t-shirt and call it a day?”

I mean, are we really living in a society that cares so little about appearances or do a large amount of the population not own mirrors? If you are one of these “offenders”, you need to have a long talk with your supposed friends.

Friends don’t let friends wear Crocs!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jill Swarner says:

    I completely agree with one exception. We have a pair for my son to wear in the car to and from games rather than have cleats in our car! Just sayin’.

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      Their practicality isn’t what’s being called into question here. Hahaha!

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