To Be PHAT or Fat?

Angela & I on July 4, 2010

Today’s blog is by my friend, Angela. Angela is very different from me and she challenges my views on things in a loving way. You always know where you stand with Ang, and I LOVE that about her. She has been a good friend to me. She also served in the youth ministry for several years. She has recently gone back to school and somehow manages a 4.0 and a family. She is Superwoman. She shared with me some thoughts on confidence and I asked her if I could post this on my blog. I hope it encourages you women out there! Enjoy!

A few months back a ‘friend’ told me that she was surprised by my confidence because women of my size tended to be soft spoken and meek. She meant this as a compliment. She seemed surprised when I broke her in half and slam dunked her into the trash can with one hand while eating a hamburger and fries with the other.

It is true, I am what people call a ‘full figured gal’ but why does overweight equate with no confidence? Where does confidence come from? Does it make me less of a person because I could smother a not so small child by sitting on them? Does more girth mean less worth? As these questions run through my brain, my the skinny friend who is gorgeous, sweet and smart, basic Barbie doll perfection, adds the offhanded comment about her weight, face, skin or hair. This comment spurs the thought, well if YOU are that skinny and gorgeous, what do you think of ME? 

For a moment I entertain the thought, start listing the ways I could criticize myself. The list is long, so very long! STOP! Catch those thoughts and now beat them down because my God says my value is priceless! Neither my body or face defines me. I am far more than a number on a scale or a reflection in a mirror. I like to smile and I love that I can bring encouragement to someone when they are in pain. I love that I can speak the truth of God’s word with confidence. There are many great things about me and they are so much more important than my dress size, shape of my nose, condition of my skin or what my hair looks like!  The confidence I have comes from knowing my Creator made me on purpose and with a purpose.  I suppose, if I had no redeeming qualities, I would just be FAT…but, I do.

One day I will lose weight, hopefully soon because I want to be healthy and live well until my last day of life. That and my pants are threatening to go on strike until better working conditions are provided. In the mean time Jesus loves me, He is working with me to make me better every day and despite the large amount there is to do, He is doing a great job. So this notion that only the physically perfect can be confident is rejected and I will continue to be confident despite being FAT because I am also PHAT (Pretty Hot And Tempting)!


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