An Open Letter to Technicians of Any Kind

I am not going to name names here, as that is not my style. I just want to float this out there to all service personnel. Why on earth would you think it’s ok to use the restroom in my home while conducting your business?

A few years ago, a technician from a cable provider asked my husband to use the restroom. This made hubs feel very uncomfortable, and he reluctantly agreed. The tech proceeded to shift his weight (potty dance) and ask, “Are you sure? It’s number 2.” I affectionately call this “the time the cable guy pooped at my house”. UNACCEPTABLE, SIR!

We recently moved, and I setup for several utilities to get activated at the new place before we moved in. When a tech arrived between the ridiculous window of time given (which will be ANOTHER blog for ANOTHER time) to perform his duty (pun intended) he asked me moments later to use my restroom. When I informed him that I was not setup to entertain guests and therefore had no towels or hand soap available in the bathrooms yet, he said, “That’s ok. It’s just number 1.” As if the thought of him urinating and NOT washing his hands was completely ok. UNACCEPTABLE, SIR! I made quick work to find my handi-wipes, but alas, it was too late. He was done and back out my door. touching things outside and such. Oh. Dear.

  1. I am skeeved out by strangers using my bathroom.
  2. It is completely unprofessional for technicians to do this.
  3. What is with the use of “number 1” and “number 2”? Are we in kindergarten?
  4. Were there not enough public restrooms along your route to my home? Go drop your waste there.

In closing, I just want to discourage anyone in various professions from even asking the homeowner for restroom use. When I worked in sales and made my rounds, I NEVER used client’s restrooms. Try something like this, “I am going to go down the street to the gas station and use the restroom and I will be right back.” This leaves the homeowner the option of offering you their toilet instead of you making us feel awkward and like we can’t really tell you “no”. Or, better yet, just don’t tell us you have to potty at all. Just say you’ll be back in 10. We’ll understand!


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  1. Cathy Plowman says:

    I am with you on this one. It bugs me when they come in and expect us to allow them to use the bathroom. If it was my house I would say no as this is not cool. But it is my parents so they get to make those decisions!

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      I mean, how do you REALLY tell someone “no”? hahaha!

  2. Steve Glavan says:

    1) How can you expect these poor technicians to take time to stop at public restrooms when they are given such tight windows of time to arrive at your house? I mean, 4-8 hours is not a sufficient time frame to allow a technician to stop at a restroom and still be expected to arrive at your house before midnight.
    2) #1 and #2 are probably what they are trained to say in order to avoid coming across too “techie.”
    3) Don’t make them angry, or they’ll pee and poop on your cable/phone line/Internet modem/major appliance/yard/pool/kitchen sink.
    4) I’m sorry, I won’t ever ask again.

    1. Jenny Lind says:


      The worst part of all was hearing him!

  3. Beast. You would never survive in the South.

    While I have no problem letting people use my bathroom if they really have to go (what are they supposed to do…go in their pants?), I find a couple of elements of your story unacceptable.

    1. Announcing what kind of bidness you’ll be doing in there.
    2. Going potty and not washing your hands. Never. Acceptable.

    If you must use my bathroom (and please use discretion…save it for Target unless it’s an emergency), then I don’t want to know, hear, or smell what you’re doing…and I want NO traces of you once you’re gone. Clean up with toilet paper, whatever.

    Signing off.

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      I LOVE the south.

      You may be right, though.

      I failed to mention that the guy nevs even turned on the fan. I heard his waterfall!

      All very unfortunate.

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