Remembering 9/11: Part 1

I debated writing this for almost a month. As the day approached I deleted multiple drafts. I feel like my 9/11 experience pales in comparison to those who reside in the great state of New York, and to those who lost loved ones. I in no way want to diminish or make light of any of this. I really want to honor the memory of those who lost their lives that day. But where do I start?

1997 was the first time I visited New York. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area. The hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley in its prime cannot even compare to the action of the Big Apple.

New York is a living organism. It is a living, breathing thing. It has a personality. Boy, does it have an abundance of personality. Attitude. Loud. Never sleeps. There is truly no place like it on earth.

Manhattan. Subways. Broadway. Times Square. Grand Central. Our Statue of Liberty and a chilly ride on a ferry. Central Park carriage ride, which is completely cliché but you HAVE to do it. Oh yes, cannot forget Broadway. I fell in love. (Someday, my friends.) The atmosphere is ELECTRIC. I have never experienced anything like it.

I had opportunities to go again the following 2 years, with a trip slated for December of 2011 with my dad and my husband.

To be continued…


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  1. Cathy Plowman says:

    1997 was also my first time in New York. This is where I spent part of my honeymoon. We only stayed there for a few days after returning from our cruise from Bermuda. New York is such a beautiful place and so much to see and do. I did not get to do and see everything that I wanted and hope that I can return again and this time share those memories with our daughters. It would be really cool to go there in December. So Jenny I am so excited for you. On a side note if you have not made your travel plans I am in the travel business and would love to help you find a deal. Let me know.

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