Remembering 9/11: Part 3

My dad, husband and I planned a trip in July 2001 for December of that year to take a bite outta the Big Apple.

3 months later, all of our lives forever changed as a Nation.

As the date of our trip approached, many people asked my family if we still planned to go. We talked about it, and decided to proceed.

Friends told us we were nuts. Especially after some idiot was arrested with a shoe bomb. (You can thank THAT moron for having to take off your shoes at airport security.)

The experience that year will never measure up to any trip to New York since. The people of that city are remarkably resilient – made of steel and possibly teflon. And, for a few days, I got to share their pain. I was able to grieve with them. I got to see the damage at ground zero first hand. I watched truck loads of debris get taken away from a hole where tall buildings once stood. I got to talk to people putting signs up for missing loved ones. I truly will NEVER forget. The magnitude of this tragedy was incomprehensible.

The Christmas tree is Rockefeller Center that year glowed with lights of Red, White and Blue. I submit to you there has never been, nor will there ever be, a more beautiful Christmas tree.


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