Audition Time

Imagine if a job interview had a baby with a blind date. Now picture that baby. On crack. That is the very essence of an audition. It is the job interview for your dream job. You also want that person (or people) to fall in love with you and think they cannot do their project without you. But – they’re looking for something. They may not even know what “it” is until they see it. But you have to somehow be “it”! They don’t want you to do what you think they want you to do, they want to see your interpretation of the material. Or on the other hand, they will just flat-out tell you what they want you to do. Every situation is different!

I have to say, one major component of this dream I have not looked forward to is the auditioning process. Especially for me, a beginner, trying to get my foot in the door, going to open casting calls and doing cold reads did not sound the least bit enjoyable. I also put way too much pressure on myself. But…I was wrong. I have really come to enjoy it!

Sure, I get nervous, but when my name gets called, it’s GO TIME. Really, what is the worst that can happen? I get told “no”? Well, a “no” is not the worst thing to ever happen to me, and I am certain it will happen a ton. So, this is just a part of the journey. And it’s totally ok.

I had 2 auditions recently, and received callbacks for both. I have to say, JUST getting a callback made me feel honored.  One resulted in a part in a play – which I am UBER excited to share with you more about that soon. The other role, for a tv pilot, I did NOT land – but may be used as a supporting character. Both experiences were HUGELY positive and involve great people doing wonderfully creative things – right here in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. So cool.

I have a blast meeting new people. What’s funny is how we can all be so different, but we have this “acting” nonsense in common. I had no idea what a bonding thing that was. It’s a big dream to have in common. There are so many talented people out there! Keep fighting the good fight, you guys!

I have learned a great deal in a short period of time, but I still have so much to learn. So, here I go. Continuing to hit the pavement (trying to go on at least 1 audition per week). Last time I checked, no one owed me anything and no one just handed me anything. Time to go get it.

There’s no easy way; no short-cut to your dreams.



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  1. Nikkii says:

    Wahoo! You go, rockstar! :o) I mean… Moviestar! ;o)

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