Compliments From Strangers

I am afraid this may be a crazy-woman-talk type thing today as I don’t think guys are bothered/affected by this the way we women are. In fact, men don’t really compliment each other. That would be unmanly. “Hey, bruh. Nice jeans.” Yeah, I don’t think that happens.

Why is it that women seem to hold more value in the compliments from strangers as opposed to loved ones? If my mother says I am beautiful, shouldn’t that mean more to me than the server at a restaurant telling me that? Or, someone I am unacquainted with telling me I am a good singer vs. my husband telling me that every day, calling me his “juke box”? It’s backwards thinking.

The root of this, I believe, is low self-esteem. I have believed in my family’s eyes I am beautiful and talented, but that as my family they are obligated to think so. The day you stop seeking approval from others is the day you are handed the keys to freedom! (I just yelled “FREEDOM!” like Mel Gibson in Braveheart, BTDubbs.) At least, that was MY experience.


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  1. Yes, I agree with you. I have this experience every single day, and it gets to the point where sometime i don’t even want to fix myself. But is time to take a step to change that, its hard work but we can do it.

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