Arrgh! Sometimes I Feel Like Being a Pirate

Before you read this, you may want to start here for how this whole pirate madness came to be.

My friend Kirs came to town for a couple of weeks on business, and when her husband flew in to join her, we decided to get dressed up to greet him at the airport.

Let’s not discuss WHY I have enough pirate-esque attire to dress a small group of scallywags for a swashbuckling good time, or the fact I was heartbroken over my beyond repair bedazzled eyepatch.

As we got dressed, Kirs called to her 4-year-old daughter, Addison. “Honey, you wanna dress up like mom and Jenny to get daddy?” “Why?”, Addison said with a perplexed look on her face. Then shaking her head she said in absolute seriousness, “You guys are silly.” And she passed on the opportunity to be a pirate. I tried explaining, “ADDISON! For reals? You play dress up all the time!”, then she looked at me disapprovingly as if to say, “Yeah, but I’m 4, not 32.”

We drove out to PDX. I elected to leave my (plastic) sword in the car as I did not want to get arrested or prosecuted under the Patriot Act. But we figured Kirs could wear the (bedazzled) hook. It was “subtle” enough.

You could easily distinguish between weary travelers and locals at the airport. How? Because seeing people dressed like pirates isn’t that big a deal in a city whose unoffical slogan is “Keep Portland Weird”. Travelers either reacted with a smile as if to see the humor in it, others seemed very uncomfortable. Either way, still funny.

Kirs’s husband, John, arrived at the greeting area, “I knew Jenny would do something crazy.” Way to take the wind outta my sails! Am I THAT predictable? Maybe the real surprise would be if I just wore my normal clothes to pick people up from the airport. Nah! BORING!

A unexptected perk to this is knowing some people will NEVER ask me to pick them up from the airport out of sheer embarrassment. HAHA! Lighten up! You are too serious.

Let’s be clear because some people are under the mistaken impression that I WANT TO pick people (them) up from the airport. No, I don’t WANT to, but if I NEED TO, I am going to make the most of it. This is not Capt. Joanna Finch’s taxi service! But that, my friends, is how you make lemonade outta lemons.


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