Acting in Community Theater

Jenny Lind as "Candy Walker" in one of her "Penelope" costumes in Mask & Mirror's production of The Green Room.

One of my dreams has been to do theater, and I have a chance to do so. Growing up in the Bay Area, my dad took me to local theater company productions to support friends of his. He also wrote and directed all of our church productions – which is where my experience comes from.

Every time I see a play, I wish I was IN it! I finally stopped talking about doing this “someday” and I actually stepped out, and I’m DOING IT!

My journey to this production started over a month ago when I went to an open casting call for a local theater company, Mask & Mirror. First, I am going to embarrass myself and tell you I flubbed up and had written the wrong day down. So, had I not double-checked my email, I would have missed this audition entirely. I was in sheer panic that Tuesday when I realized the auditions were THAT NIGHT and not Thursday like I’d thought. YIKES! I almost did not go to that casting call, but I went in spite of my fear. I am so glad I did!

Upon arriving, I was warmly greeted and waited in a room with the other actors. A wave of nervousness washed over me as I realized we were all auditioning….in FRONT of each other! It was a cold read, and all the ladies read all the female roles  – well, almost. There was ONE female part I did not read for that night. But before I knew it, those 2 hours had flown by and I was laughing and having a great time. We were all sort of cheering each other on. I did not feel like there was a strong sense of competitiveness; it was a really fun atmosphere. It was a fun night. When I returned home, I received an email later that evening from director, Gary Romans, asking me to come for a callback the following night. I was flying high when I got that email (because I was also preparing for ANOTHER callback). Regardless of outcome, I was pretty thrilled just to be asked to be seen again.

I returned the second night, and it was a very similar situation. Lots of energy, lots of great actors. And like the night before, I found it fascinating to watch different people act out the SAME scene. Amazing what each person brings to a scene and how just 1 person can change the dynamic entirely.

I was stunned to receive an email that night with an offer to play the role of Candy Walker in the play The Green Room. The Green Room is a play within a play scenario, taking place behind the scenes of a community theater production. This character is unlike any other I have had opportunity to play. Candy is a conniving, stuck on herself mean-girl who manipulated the director to get a part. And by “manipulate” I mean slept with. She is a bimbo. It is fun to play someone who is my OPPOSITE in every way.

This is an ensemble cast – and let me tell you, these people can ACT! You’d think after weeks of us rehearsing that certain punch lines would lose their lustre but that has not been the case. I catch myself having to fight back the laughter. Also, this is one of the nicest groups of people I have ever met. They are all top-notch actors, and I feel like being with such talent is bringing me up to the next level in my own abilities. Being out 4 nights a week for several hours – it’s a good thing I really enjoy being with these people! We also could not have asked for a nicer director.

Below is the ticket info. Come see this show!

Visit (and “Like”) the Mask & Mirror page on Facebook to see more pictures of the cast and find out about shenanigans and goings on. For tickets call 503.691.1779 or email  On opening night, November 4, tickets will be $5 plus 2 cans of food to donate to the Tigard Food Bank. We want to sell the place out, so take advantage of the cheap tickets!

Thw show runs from November 4-20, Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30pm & Sundays at 2pm. Adults: $12, Seniors, Students, Military: $10, Children under 13: $5. Unemployed? Call to find out how to get a free ticket to come to a show!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pat Romans says:

    Jenny-Your blog is great fun-just like you! I love your spirit of fun and joy you carry with you everywhere you go.

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      Awww!!! Thanks so much for reading. You’re the best!

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