A Demonstration of Love

If you’ve yet to hear the name Chelan Russ, then you soon will. Chelan is actively involved in SCT Now. She is also an incredible singer and songwriter. I call her my music twin because we share the same taste in music! Anyway, Chelan shared this with me the other day and I asked her if we could share this on my blog. It REALLY challenged me to look at the areas I struggle with, and my inability to ask for help. I hope you are inspired by this today in some way just as I was.

A friend of mine came over to my house Monday morning – on her day off – & spent over 2 hours with me writing out chore lists for the kids & for me: cleaning supply lists, organizational ideas, & weekly & monthly goals. After we’d established what was reachable and not overwhelming, she was on her way with a smile, “I’ll be back next Monday. At that point, we’ll talk about how the week went & what we’ll tackle next.”

Rewind. Sunday, I was overwhelmed. I knew change was a-comin’ but didn’t know where to begin. So I called a friend to ask for help.  Organization, cleanliness & discipline are not what you would call part of my “skill set”. I needed accountability & I was desperate for it. To be more honest than I like to be, I slack. If  I’m not fully intentional about kicking bad habits, it won’t happen. I build up mental crud when it comes to cleaning, that need a good Roto-rootering every 6 months (or less depending how much effort it’s gonna take).

I was left with my chin in my hand & a smile on my face, standing in my kitchen as I read these lists. i was filled with thankfulness that God put her on my mind to call…& that she responded so quickly. She was  unaccusing, selfless & thorough.

Really, who does that?

 After a trip to Costco and Rite Aid, I  stocked up on TP, paper towels, cleaners, disinfectant wipes, sponges & brushes. It’s so frustrating when you know you have a responsibility but lack funds or lack the organizational things needed to get it done. Thrilled that we actually had the money for these things this week, I was ready.

This morning, Angel wanted to watch a movie I’d checked out at the library,  so I made her a deal, “as soon as you’re done cleaning the floor, I’ll put it on”. I helped her sweep, & then she grabbed the Lysol wipes I’d dropped sporadically on the floor & began scrubbing marks off the hard wood. A minute in, as she was on her hands & knees, she paused & looked up at me & in her lighthearted tone said, “I’m making daddy happy. I’m making God happy. AND daddy happy!”

She couldn’t be more right. Changing bad time-management habits into good ones at home – means sacrifice. There’s no way around that. I’m gonna have to put lunch dates, frequent Facebook updates & my work out on hold.  But when you make a choice to change something with a right attitude & right motivation, the job becomes less of a job and really more of a demonstration of love. Out of that, you get a sense of accomplishment & somehow even joy.

As a wife who hates housework, this is quite the mystery to me. But God has this way of revealing shades of it to me gently. As I humble myself and simply do what I know He’s called me to do, I’m filled with that joy & my home is filled with peace…a peace that smells lemony-fresh! My 4 -year old had it… in the honoring of her daddy at home, we were honoring our Father in heaven. And the Bonus Feature?He will honor us all in return.


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  1. Love this, Chelan. I’m kinda in the same boat as you. I LOVE a spotless, well-organized, scrubbed-clean home (with candles lit!), but at this stage of life (still w/a 3-year-old with me full-time), it’s kind of a dream. Especially since there are other things (reading and writing) that I HAVE to do (or I just wither inside.)

    BUT, I could be far more disciplined with my time. It’s a challenge for me. Hopefully I can rise to it, like you are trying to do.


  2. JeniB says:

    Love this! It’s like you ripped a page out of my own life! Thanks for the encouragement and the notion of accountability in these things.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, I needed this today.

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