Star Wars Q&A

My friend Heather is an incredibly sweet person. She is also adorable and fun to be with. She is an integral part of our student ministries staff and she helps in many other areas of ministry at our church. She is just a great person. She really only had ONE glaring flaw that I could find: the woman had NEVER seen Star Wars. So, when my minions and I make geeky jokes like “laugh it up, fuzzball”, she had no idea what we were talking about. Fully appreciate a good Yoda impression, she could not. (I do a pretty decent Chewbacca, too.)

My husband, David, gave Heather a homework assignment that she must watch the entire saga and report back to us. Being a good sport, she went along with it and indulged our nonsense. So, I thought it would be funny to do a little Q & A sesh for my blog.

Q: Heather, be honest. You didn’t really want to watch Star Wars, did you? You succumb to the peer pressure of the nerds you hang out with.

A: No, truly I’ve had no desire whatsoever to watch Star Wars. I’m 32. I always wondered what all the hype was about. I did succumb to peer pressure, but what other reason was there for me to watch it.  LOL!!

(I like how Heather just said “I’m 32.” as though age played a part in her not seeing it – as if to say, “No Jenny, I am a grown up.” LOL!)

Q: Did you fall asleep while watching the saga? Which movie specifically put you to sleep?

A: I fell asleep after putting in IV one evening, had to start it over twice, it just didn’t catch my attention.  One day I put it in for the kids and I to watch it after school and I fell asleep and my daughter comes over and says “MOM, you have to stay awake and watch this, it’s YOUR homework!”  So she and my son agreed we had to rewind to the last part I saw, so I wouldn’t miss a thing.  My son was so excited that I was actually watching Star Wars with him.  He has seen some of them at his grandparents house.

I also fell asleep watching V & VI, but mostly because I watched them later at night and I got sleepy.  I have yet to see I, II, & III. 

 (This is where Heather set herself up for failure! She should have been well rested! Geesh!)

Q: Do you know what a tauntaun is?

A: Yes, it’s a stinky creature that Han Solo rode on when he went looking for Luke Skywalker in the Blizzard.  Also the Creature that Solo cut open to keep Luke warm until they could be rescued. EW!

Q: Who is Luke’s father?

A: Darth Vader, who is also Anakin Skywalker (always wondered who this Anakin guy was, LOL) Side note….I always heard renditions of “Luke, I am your Father”, and I think other people have done a better job than Darth Vader did in the movie. I was actually excited to hear how it was originally done. I also thought it was James Earl Jones as the voice of Lord Vader and wondered how Luke was so white. LOL!! #disappointed

Now, this is just crazy, Heather. 

Q: Who is Luke’s sister?

A: Shocker….Princess Leia, truly didn’t know this.

 Neither did Luke…eww.

Q: What did you like about it?

A: Umm….well, like is a strong word.  I appreciate the creativity of the movies, all the different creatures.  Personally I like playing Lego Star Wars, over watching the movies.  I did like all the similarities of the game in relation to the movie.  It makes more sense now. 🙂

 “Like is a strong word…” hahahaha! Oh, dear.

Q: What didn’t you like about it?

A: I’m not big on Sci-Fi/Battle/Fighting type movies.  Plus to be honest Luke wasn’t very cute and I think he needed a damsel in distress that wasn’t his sister.  Although the Princess seemed to hold her own most of the time.

That’s ’cause HAN SOLO is the stud, dude! And, Princess Leia is rad. 

Q: Do you know what the Death Star is?

A: It’s the weapon that they all were trying to destroy or rather take away from the Empire.  The Weapon that destroyed Obi-Wan’s homeland or something.  Funny thing is they don’t show them getting the weapon, or if they did, it could have been while I was resting my eyes…..

You’ve ALMOST got it… 

Q: Would you rather have watched 27 Dresses?

A: YES!!!  I would rather watch a good comedy or romantic comedy.  In fact I had 2 other movies to watch that I got via Netflix and my sister that I was dying to watch instead, but didn’t.

Haha! I am sorry your “homework” kept you away from other things. You can’t play until you’re done with homework though!  

Q: Are there any other comments you’d like to make?

A: I like Action/Suspense movies, but this just didn’t cut it.  I was not on the edge of my seat…..I was comfy in my sofa trying to stay awake.  I’m sorry to all those Star Wars fans, this was just not something I would want see over and over again.  However, I have not seen I, II, & III so maybe since they are newer I might enjoy them.  I’m happy that I did finally watch the first three that were made, so now I can appreciate Star Wars lingo. 

I am not sure if you “appreciate” it per say, but now you at least have a general idea of what we’re talking about. You’re a good sport, Heather.


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  1. JeniB says:

    Loved this Heather and Jenny! So funny!

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      Thanks! Heather is such a good sport!

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