"Hot Garbage" & Audition Stuffs

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I sure did! I spent it in Napa, CA with our family there which includes 3 little nieces who have me wrapped around their adorable little fingers.

Our trip was delightful, with the exception of me contracting the BUBONIC PLAGUE: a historically significant disease. The day after Thanksgiving, I had an ear ache, and I knew I was in maj troubs. 2 days later, the pressure now unbearable from the ear infection, that the ear drum relieved itself. By bursting. That sounds awful but actually after that, there isn’t much pain. Your ear just oozes stuff. The medical term for this stuff is Hot Garbage.

I began a mentoring program with Toni Suttie of Integrity Casting back in July. Well, last week this program took me to LA. I learned so much that I am STILL digesting it all. I have been home for 3 days and my head is still spinning. I was in acting classes, a modeling class, a stand-up comedy workshop (which, no joke, CHANGED my life forever), got to be an extra in a film and will get IMDB credit for it, and I met some incredible people in the industry along the way. Also, my fellow mentees in the program are wonderful and talented people and I adore them. We share an amazing bond because, well, we share a big dream. 

All of that sounds rad, right?! Except one thing…my ear was oozing HOT GARBAGE all the while! So, I did my hair big all week to hide the angry ear in question. Additionally, I cannot hear well because of it and when I talk or sing I feel like I am in a tunnel. The ear stopped the flow of nastiness the day before I left. Figures.

I came home Sunday and hit the ground running. I led the worship service in the student ministries at our church that night. This week in addition to the day job at the church office has been filled with getting the stage set for the production this Sunday. Dress rehearsals for the Christmas concert are this week as well, in addition to the audition I had for a musical last night.

4 months ago, I would have not gone out to an audition with a busted ear. But the truth is, circumstances in life are mostly NOT ideal. I really hate to use sports metaphors as I am not athletic whatsoever, but I am really leaving it all “out on the field” right now. Was my audition the best I have ever sung? NO – but it was the best I COULD sing in that moment. If this is something I really want to do with my life, I need to just roll with whatever is happening in that moment. I will be shocked if I am offered a role in that particular production, but if I am not, it’s totally ok! I am ALREADY onto the next thing! Live and learn, I guess. As Tim Gunn would say, “Make it work!” 

Whatever your “hot garbage” is your life at this very moment, do NOT let it detour you from doing something you love! I believe that even when people are unhappy, they will stay and continue in that unhappiness simply because it’s all they know. It’s comfortable, even though they’re miserable. What looks better, a woman in a pair of hot 4″ heels or a woman in a Snuggy? Obviously no one looks good or cool in a Snuggy, but 4″ heels are uncomfortable. So, you going to sit around in your Snuggy watching reruns of Seinfeld or are you going to throw on those heels and see where they take you? It’s scary. It’s complicated. It’s difficult. But it’s worth it.


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  1. Toni Suttie says:

    LOVE IT, my fav (Jennism, lol) are these words you wrote:

    “Was my audition the best I have ever sung? NO – but it was the best I COULD sing in that moment. If this is something I really want to do with my life, I need to just roll with whatever is happening in that moment”

    TRU DAT Jennmyster and know these things about YOU:

    1. YOU truly are talented beyond measure
    2. Funny beyond description (Ill never forget your intro at the HOLLYWOOD NETWORK GATHERING)
    3. Beautiful enough to make an entire room LIGHT UP
    4. Your faith follows you every moment and blesses us who get the benefit of this encouragement.
    5. Loyal more then anyone that I have met!

    Thank YOU for being part of our lives in the industry that needs you so very much!


    1. Jenny Lind says:

      Toni, would not have been possible with YOU. Love you so much. Thanks for all you do!

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