Too Friendly

I had an incident recently where I was hit on. If you had been there at the scene of said incident, you would understand that I am relaying this out of pure comedy and not in any way bragging.

No, he was not cute. Yes, he was inebriated. No, I am not flattered. Yes, he was disgusting .

This man said to me, “I noticed you immediately when you walked into the room. You are a BEAUTIFUL, full-figured woman.” I will cut off his portion of the dialogue there as it is highly inappropriate. You know if it’s inappropriate to me, it must have been really bad. (Side note: if anyone out there wants to hit on a big girl, you are not going to score any points by throwing around terms like, “full-figured”. That is just stupid.)

This guy was nasty and is lucky he didn’t get a 4″ platform heel to the head. And believe me, I might’ve been doing the world a giant favor if I had.

Does being chubby make someone MORE approachable? You know, like how people walk up and rub pregnant ladies’ bellies? Am I too loud? Too outgoing?

It was just not ok.


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