Thankful Even In Rejection

It was pouring down rain on a typical Oregonian winter day. I made it to my car without getting soaked. A feet Houdini himself would’ve marveled at.

As I turned into the parking lot of the Lakewood Theater for my audition, the clouds parted and a bright ray of sun broke up the dark sky. It was beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, my heart was overwhelmed. An attitude of gratefulness washed over me as I walked up those steps; the same steps I walked up to my very first audition 8 years ago.

The outcome was the same for both auditions; I was not cast. Honestly, how can I take it personal? I had an absolute BLAST. I got to meet great people. I got more experience under my belt – and I have not had much experience auditioning for musicals. I am thankful just to be seen. Someday I will walk up those steps as a cast member. Just not this show. Not this time.

I did not know 8 years ago that THIS would be my passion in life. I live to make people laugh. So funny how far I have come in just the past year  – but when I think about where I was 8 years ago, I am even more thankful. And, I am even thankful for this rejection. It was a good experience, and it would have been a pleasure not to mention look GREAT on the old acting resume. It did, however, open my schedule up for other opportunities.

As I left the theater, I could not stop smiling. I gave that audition all I had. Also, I got in the car, and that sunshine melted away and the clouds rolled back in and it began to rain. I just felt like that was from God to me. Does God care about auditions? No. But He cares about US and I believe He cares about the things we care about. How could I possibly not feel loved?

Additionally, I LOVE that my friends and family support this adventure. When I audition for a movie role and don’t get it, my dad says “I’ll never see another movie again!” Being dramatic is a family trait. Also, my beast Cathy LaGrow dropped what she was doing and took time to play piano for me while I practice my audition pieces. She was incredibly helpful and her boys were absolute angels while we rehearsed. (Thanks, boys, for letting me borrow mom! We will have our Star Wars party soon!) Again, how could I possibly not feel loved?

So – onward we go. Onto the next audition. Onto the next show. The next stage. Lights. Camera. Action.


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  1. Jeff (the Dad) says:

    And I’ve NEVER been to another Movie!!!

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