My Greenies

In November 2011, I performed in a show called The Green Room, and it was an amazing experience. It was the first production for a new theater company called Mask & Mirror. It was also my first (non-church) production. I worked with some amazing people – and to be honest, I miss them terribly! I call them my “greenies”. So, allow me to gush a bit as I inform you of their current happenings as well as my own!

I had the opportunity to see my greenie, Arleen Daugherty, play Emilia in Othello. This woman is brilliant. Anyone who can tackle Shakespeare and make it feel and sound believable is a genius. KUDOS!

I saw my greenie, Greg Prosser, in Harvey as Dr. Chumley. I think being in a show with him, I didn’t fully realize at the time what incredible stage presence he has; I was caught up in what I needed to do. Yes, I am saying I am self-absorbed. All I can say is – WOW. He is really talented, folks.

I am thrilled my greenie Maillie O’Brien is doing Red Velvet Cake War with me. She is not only a talented actor, but she is doing a stellar job as stage manager and assistant director. It is not easy wearing multiple hats – but she is doing a fabulous job. I am strongly encouraging her to pursue directing. She is fantastic.

My greenie, Carolina Rios is perhaps one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She is a wonderful young lady. She stepped into our show 9 days before opening due to a series of unfortunate events. She was terribly ill, and learned her lines in 3 days. I must also add, she was our lighting tech. I jokingly called her the MVP of that show, but she REALLY was. I am THRILLED she got a role in an upcoming Mask & Mirror production, Murder at Brackenfern. She is also getting gigs as a techie because she is such a pro, but I am glad she is getting opportunities to be on stage as well. She will be directed by fellow greenie, Mason Hall.

Nick Hamilton, you can SANG, greenie! It was fun seeing you as Robin Hood. I feel like you’re just getting started. You’re also an excellent artist. I am proud to call you “friend”!

I really hope I have the honor of sharing the stage again with these fine people. Acting alongside them made ME better, and for that and their friendship, I am grateful.

A special shout out to Gary & Pat Romans. I call them my theater parents. I am thankful for their support and for the opportunities they’ve given me.


It’s not too late to catch these people in the act! Get out there and support our shows, people!


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