Audition Thoughts

As I mentioned the other day, I go on a minimum of one audition per week. This is just a rule I have put in place to keep myself from getting rusty and to help me grow. As you can imagine, I do not get cast in everything I audition for! I know, this is shocking some of you. I mean, who DOESN’T want to hire me? Well, a lot of people, actually!

I love auditions. I love the process. I love to act. I love meeting new people. I learn something every time even though I don’t get cast every time.

I think a lot of people give up too easily because they lose sight of this fact: it ISN’T personal. See, artists hold their art a little too close to their heart sometimes and forget that it’s BUSINESS. Treat this like a job interview.

Pet peeve: people who DO NOT look like their headshot. At all. C’mon, folks! Don’t show up to auditions looking homeless. Unless you are actually homeless. In that case, my apologies. If you chopped your hair off, don’t come with a long-hair headshot! BAH!

What’s the worse thing that could happen? Being told “no”. “No” is not the worse thing I have ever been told! “No” actually means “not now” or “not THIS project”. It doesn’t mean they don’t LIKE you or won’t use you in the future. Build on that relationship. Stay in touch. Keep putting yourself out there.

I am guessing I have about 60 auditions in a year. Of those, I will land maybe 3 gigs. Do the math.Yeah, those stats are rough, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

People give up on themselves way too easily. Hit the pavement. There’s no such thing as big breaks. We make our own. No one in this life owes you anything, and the sooner you realize it, the sooner you get on the path to discovering your passion. Last time I checked, entitlement wasn’t a good color on anybody. It’s time to get over yourself.

My father told me the other night that what I possess is greater than self-confidence and not at all arrogant. He could only describe it as fearlessness. What a compliment coming from my hero! Every day I am faced with the choice to pick up insecurity, like a sack of rocks. I am pleased to tell you I choose not to. I have my moments, but I can tell you honestly, I have faith in my Creator and believe I am actively DOING what He created me to do. So, how can I keep from smiling? Where I end up is not up to me. I am just going to keep DOING!

Let’s go!


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  1. Pat Romans says:

    Jenny, you are as beautiful in spirit as you are in person!

    1. Jenny Lind says:

      You’re blinded by love & I am totally ok with that. 😉

      Sent from my iPhone

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