OK, So I Thought I Could Dance

When I was a kid, I would get up early to watch tv on Saturdays before my family was up. Though, I am sure most kids watched cartoons. For me, it was old-school Soul Train. What?! I am funky! I would get up and bust a move in my living room. I had done this for probably months until one day someone crashed my party. Enter the big sister.

Carrie stood behind me, Ninja-like. She was stealthy! (Still is.) It wasn’t until an inevitable spin when I noticed her. She stood, grinning that sly grin, and her icy blue eyes stung my soul. She sauntered over to the couch had a seat and said, “Go on. Dance for me.” Embarrassed but fearful of “Scary Carrie”, I broke it down. I took her to funky town. I made her promise not to tell our folks (though I am not sure why – they would’ve gotten a kick out of it!). She promised as long as I would dance ANY time she requested. She had all the power. She always has! Older siblings have a way of keeping us humble, don’t they?

I have never been challenged when it comes to rhythm. I can keep a beat. However, being able to do the running man in 8th grade doesn’t mean you are ready for the stage. I really wish I had recorded the audition I had the other night. It involved a combination that included IRISH dancing. Yes, think Riverdance. Holy. Lord. Almighty. My butt still hurts.

I was in no way prepared for THAT. However, next time, I WILL be ready. Am I embarrassed? No. Perhaps I should be. I did the best I could in that moment. I will only get better. It sure was fun trying! Give yourself freedom to fail – and you will become FEARLESS.

Receiving my rejection notice from the director was expected. I will say this for Portland theatre companies – they’re incredibly courteous. Most actors in LA never hear a peep if they’re not cast. I like that about my community. Glad I am apart of it.

Next time my big sister says, “Dance for me”, she is going to be dazzled by my sweet moves. Better yet, she’ll have to buy a ticket to see ’em!


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